Jarret Cooper

Welcome back!

And that goes for me too.  This site has languished for a couple of years now -- don't they all? -- but my absence has been particularly embarrassing given that the video intro for the site (which was used to advertise my first CD) featured a big text block saying "it's 2008" well into 2013.  And, of course, the joke was that the CD was called "Sorry for the Wait", and its release was then followed by -- you guessed it -- another really, really long wait.

Well, the end of that wait is in sight.  I can't really excuse myself for taking this long to finish my (as yet untitled) followup album, but I will say that 2013 in particular has been, shall we say, one for the books.  As you probably know, I haven't been completely idle -- most of my musical energy for the past three years has gone into playing and recording with "my" two bands, Pirate Radio and The Wandering Jews.  But the task of writing and recording my own music has hit one setback after another -- some silly, others quite profound.  Believe me, no one's more disappointed than I am.

Anyway, I'm back with a completely overhauled website, soon to be updated further with photos, videos, new audio tracks, and regular (knock wood) posts to this here blog.  I'll provide vague progress reports on my new CD (tentatively scheduled for December 2013) and real information about upcoming shows with the Pirates and/or the Jews (both of whom also have new CDs coming out this year, with me on 'em and everything). Beyond that, I'm just another dude with a blog, so hold onto your chairs, folks.  The ship has relaunched, so take a look around and let me know what you think -- email me at jarret@jarretcooper.com and by god let's put this thing into motion.



Champaign still misses you. Can't wait for the next album. Listening to my hippest relative on Spotify makes me myself feel that much cooler.

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