Jarret Cooper

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Musical Friends

Pirate Radio

I've played keyboards / rhythm guitar and sung backup in PR since 2010, and I'm on the latest album, "Plainview" (2013).  Our drummer, Oren Williams, played on my new solo CD, "Stars On The Ceiling"

Achievements In Sound

Gino Nave has made four solo albums under the AIS moniker (I played on one track on his latest, "Robert Despair").  He contributed a lot to my two CDs, including lead guitar, bass and drums. I was also in the live version of AIS back in 2008-2009.

JJ Wiesler

JJ mixed and mastered my latest CD, "Stars On The Ceiling".

The Wandering Jews

I played keyboards and sang backup for the Jews from 2010-13, including the albums "Down On The Farm" (2011) and "All The Pretty Things" (2013).

A. Hammer Mastering

Gary Hobish mixed and mastered my 2008 CD, "Sorry for the Wait".