Jarret Cooper

Stars On The Ceiling

by Jarret Cooper

Released 11/24/2015
Released 11/24/2015
Jarret's back with more intelligent, catchy power pop/rock, plus it's got little voodoo things in it to make it go quicker.

Featuring "Everybody's Gone Back", "How Do You Stop", "That's For Burning", and "Stars On The Ceiling".
At long last, the second album. Nine new original songs by Jarret with his "band": Oren Williams (Pirate Radio), Gino Nave (Achievements In Sound), Annie Yoshiyama (Monsters Are Not Myths) and Koralie Hill (The Skinny).

Produced & recorded by Jarret Cooper at Francisco Studios, San Francisco
All songs written by Jarret Cooper and (C) 2015 Pop Soldier Music BMI
Mixed & mastered by JJ Wiesler at Decibelle, San Francisco
Oren Williams / drums 1 2 3 6 7 9
Gino Nave / lead guitar 1 3 5 6 7, drums 8
Annie Yoshiyama / bass 1 5 6 8 9
Koralie Hill / violin 9
CD design / artwork / photography by Caroline Saddul Nave

Thanks to all above and to: Brentt Brown & Ryan Keeley for keeping the music going / my family & friends for support & indulgence / Brentt's guitar, Lan's piano & Gino's preamps for excellent service / you, for listening

For Kelly Ann Cooper, 1965 - 2009