Yes, it finally happened...

It's a bit (or a lot) embarrassing to look at all the blogs and Facebook posts I've made in the past three or four years, saying "new CD coming this year for sure!"  I clearly can't be trusted.  :)  But now that "Stars On The Ceiling", five years in the making, is finally out in the world, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and I'm glad I only put it out when it was really ready.

So thank you all for the incredibly great response -- all I ask is that if you like it, tell your friends.  :)  (And thanks to those of you who have -- you know who you are -- I will have to send you something like a "Kickstarter reward" as soon as I think of something worth sending...).

Oh, and tell ME too!  Email me at jarret [AT] jarretcooper [DOT] com and let me have it!

Hope you all had a great 2015 and happy holidays to one and all.

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