It's fatuous and narcissistic for someone like me to even pretend to be a "musician" long enough to "pay tribute" to someone like Prince, the greatest musician in living memory.  There are certainly enough wonderful and well-written tributes coming thick and fast today (I recommend this one by the great Rob Sheffield) that I don't need to put in my two cents.  But I've never been this shaken by the death of someone I didn't know and never met.  Stunned, didn't see it coming, still trying to absorb it.

No one came close, ever.  I'd hate to blame him for my musical output, and would hate to hold my best song up to his worst, but he was the biggest musical influence in my life.  Every aspect of his artistry was, and remains, staggering.  I couldn't touch him, and neither can you, and neither can anyone.  It's heartening to see the world (seemingly) realize this en masse...and heartbreaking that it had to happen this way.

Sometimes it snows in April

Sometimes I feel so bad

Sometimes I wish that life was never-ending

But all good things they say never last

And love, it isn't love until it's passed

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