1. Shotgun

From the recording Shotgun

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Jarret Cooper: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, synth bass & drum programming
John Reinert: Drums


Looking down a shotgun
Aimed right at my heart
If that don't get the job done
I might still get blown apart
Oh oh oh

Once I was a good man
Kind to each and all
If I'd done what I should then
I might not have so far to fall

All I had to do was stay
Hovering below the fray
Now I gave myself away

Guess I'll always be the last to see
The catastrophe
That I made
Till it blows up in my face
Guess that's just the way it has to be
For an ass like me
What a shame
That's the game
Ready aim
And bang, bang, bang

Now I'm seeing shotguns
Everywhere I turn
Wish I would have thought once
I guess no lessons left to learn

All I had to do was be
Somebody who wasn't me
Someone who would still be free

If you're fool enough to plant the seed
It's pretty sad to be
Blown away
When harvest time is come
Never seen such a calamity
Oh the humanity
Now I've sowed
All I'm owed
Lock and load
And bang, bang, bang