From the recording Shotgun

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It's That Man Again

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Jarret Cooper: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, synth bass
John Reinert: Drums


Don't look now, it's that man again
He got back in somehow
Weren't you supposed to tell him that
Nobody needs him now
Ain't nobody askin' him
How he likes the show
Don't care how it happens
But he's got to go

You better watch out it's that man again
Don't let him in the door
Weren't you supposed to tell him
He ain't welcome here no more
He's never been told no before
Always has his say
We can't afford him anymore
It ends today

Behold the man who will open our eyes
His wisdom to receive
What the hell can he believe?
Just a rich man in a poor disguise
Making his appointed rounds
You shouldn't have worn
That uniform
On this side of town

From now on, stay on your side of the line
If you can't read the room at all
Read the writing on the wall
The world has changed and left you far behind
Better times are coming through
That don’t include ya
Because the future
Has got no use for you

To think where it began
To think you’ve gone this far
Now here’s that man again
The man, the man you really are