1. Same Thing

From the recording Shotgun

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Same Thing

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Jarret Cooper: Vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, synth bass
John Reinert: Drums
Brentt Brown: Electric & slide guitar
Ryan Keeley: Bass


What are you doin’ here
How’d they let you in here
What can you do when the fear’s
Shuttin’ down your mind

You feel like a casualty
That no one else has to be
But the same thing’s happened to me
Every time!

‘Cause the tale you tell
Might ring my bell
And I may have a point to make
If all you hear is a man
Who can’t understand
Well that ain’t the one to take

'Cause I know a little bit
Do what you will with it
Because the same thing’s happened to me
Right down the line!

Yeah I’ve felt that shame
Held myself to blame
But it’s not the only game in town
Just stay on that line
‘Cause you run just fine
When you don’t run yourself down

All of your strength is spent
Writing your testament
Didn’t even make a dent
And no one gives a damn

You speak your identity
That nobody lets you be
Well the same thing happened to me
But here I am!

I saiid the same thing happened to me
But here I am!