1. Last Time

From the recording Shotgun

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Last Time

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Jarret Cooper: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, synth bass
John Reinert: Drums
Gino Nave: Lead guitar


Don’t stop, can’t talk
Won’t even interrupt my walk
Nice to see you, okay
But I’ll be on my way
I heard all you had to say the last time

New day, new plan
Now you’re out looking for a soft landing
Seems a little bit strange
What you’re trying to arrange
It’s a pretty big change from last time

‘Cause I remember perfectly
That you ended it a little bit rough
There was no uncertainty
When you said I didn’t thrill you enough

I don’t see how
You would find me more exciting now
Going up you were blind
Coming down you’re more kind
To the one you left behind the last time

Oh well I thought I could aspire to
Walk beside you, but I was wrong
But I might still admire you
If you’d had the sense to just stay gone
Keep moving on

Good talk, my friend
Here’s hoping you find your happy ending
But it’s not going to be
That you settle for me
Better check your memory from last time
I saw all I need to see the last time
And I’m hoping this’ll be the last time