1. Moment

From the recording Shotgun

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Jarret Cooper: Vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
John Reinert: Drums
Brentt Brown: Electric guitar
Ryan Keeley: Bass
Stephen Spies: Strings, French horn


I live for a moment

So far in the past
One perfect moment
But I've made it last
Once I knew
It was all I'd ever know
From that moment
I've never let it go

I lived in that moment
All caught up in you
Just one perfect moment
Or there might have been two
Once I saw that
It was all I'd ever see
I made it into
Much more than a memory

I don't pretend
That our love never ended
But I still want to feel
The joy that can never come back
Would you deny me even that?

The moment that filled me
And set me alight
The moment that's held me
The rest of my life
Now I'm content
'Cause there's none to compare
Even if no one believes me
I give myself over completely
Meanwhile if anyone needs me
You'll find me there